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Badger Tracer Instructions

Honey Badger Tracer Unit
OK you have done your research and made a good decision to purchase this unit, I’m not going to congratulate you because that’s just silly.
Fitting this unit should only be carried out by a competent airsoft tech and if not could void any warranty and damage your equipment. If you chose to fit this yourself, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please read through these instructions before you begin.

Tools needed
2.0MM Allen key
2.5MM Allen key
Drill approximately 5.MM diameter and drill or Dremmel type tool
Center punch
Soldering iron and associated tools
Your mum’s hairdryer (or some sort of heat source for shrink wrap)

1. Take one honey badger

2. Disassemble to this level.

There are 2 different styles of Badger end cap as shown here. Both are compatible with the battery unit. The kit includes a ring that is inserted last (after the battery unit is fitted and everything has been tested) for the one piece type. This ring is not necessary but could help to stop the wires getting pulled when inserting new batteries. The ring serves no purpose for the 2 piece end cap as the larger ring of the two piece part limits the battery units movement as only the end cap needs to be removed for battery replacement.

3. Check that all the battery compartment pieces fit OK. The barrel support should be a snug fit on the inner barrel and a good fit inside the silencer body. The battery unit should slide easily on the inner barrel and in the silencer body. The parts should fit with no need for any modification but as we have no control over tolerances of parts not manufactured by us, now is the time to find and rectify any issues.
Drill a hole approximately 5.MM diameter through the back wall of the silencer body. The exact size, position and angle is not critical but I recommend 5.MM and center punch the position first! Or Dremmel a slot big enough for the wires.
It is however important to remove any burrs and sharp edges as the wires will be going through here.
4. Thread the 2 wires on the battery unit through the barrel support as shown in the picture into the silencer housing and through the hole (if you drilled it smaller than 5.MM you will probably regret that now).

5. Arrange the heat shrink as shown in the picture, The smallest piece on the positive wire and the other 2 pieces over both then solder the wires to the micro Deans connector positive to the pin protruding from one side, negative to the pin showing on both sides of the plug. When you have made your joints good, check that everything is where it should be. Shrink the smallest heat shrink over the soldered joint first, then the next size piece close to the soldered joints.
Finally the largest diameter piece over both the pins and soldered joints. Connect the newly fitted
plug to the switch unit.

6. Re-fit the hand guard whilst maneuvering the switch unit in place. The small white connector needs to be fed through the rectangular hole under the barrel outer and into the upper receiver.
If the gap is particularly small on your badger so you will may need to file it out slightly. Insert the 2 countersunk screws through the hand guard and fix in position the switch unit. Tighten them snugly but not excessively. Re-attach the hand guard screw to hold it all in place.

7. Take your hop and barrel assembly and insert it into the barrel outer, be aware wires from the battery unit could be damaged if they are over the hole that the inner barrel will pass through! Before the hop unit is fully “home” connect the small white plug and feed the wires up out of the way. Be careful not to pinch or cut the wires with the locating fin that protrudes from each side of the hop unit!

8. Insert 4 AAA batteries into the battery unit and test. If the unit lights up you are good to go with the tracer. Bear in mind that having a new hop unit can cause its own issues so take all the normal precautions and check that everything is working as it should be.

9.If you have a one piece end cap and you are happy everything is working as it should you can fit the shouldered ring. As stated earlier this is totally unnecessary in the two piece end cap and not essential in the one piece. This shouldered ring should slide over the battery unit freely but be a tight fit in the silencer. This part can not be removed easily once fitted correctly, it should be
forced into its correct position by screwing the end cap on.

We recommend yellow tracer BB’s as they are the brightest (but red looks cool), now get booked in for your next dark indoor/night game and enjoy.

Any problems whatsoever you can reach us at

This unit was designed, developed, tested (re designed a few times) and manufactured in good old Great Britain

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